Who we are

A group of elites and experts working scientifically to develop plans and studies that contribute to the building of the new Libya Libya Love Libya Peace and democracy. We seek to support the Libyan economy by opening greater horizons and finding alternatives to oil and developing state institutions by training and pushing technocrats in the next stage.

The headquarters of Tripoli, Algeria Square opened on 18-12-2017.

To be pioneers in the general and political training, preparing strategic studies, upgrading government institutions and supporting commercial projects according to planned plans.

  • Institutional and economic support
  • Scientific and cultural support of society
  • Contributing to building a conscious and educated generation.

Our independence is the title of our work. We aspire to the existence of a government of technocrats, support development projects and try to solve the crises we suffer from.

How we work

We have begun to work within precise strategies that include the basic aspects of the State of Libya, namely the economic sector, the social sector and the public sector because we believe that these sectors must be strengthened for the economic growth and sustainable human development of the war-ravaged Libyan society.

We started a five-year strategic plan for 2023 with three main objectives:




LTSP 2023

Libyan Teknokrats Strategic Plan 2023




These objectives include a set of projects that we have started to work on. Each project has a group of specialized experts and academics working on establishing a strategic plan to promote all sectors that will strengthen the economy, community institutions and state institutions and increase their productivity and personal productivity.

Five-year Strategic Plan for 2023

A research study was carried out by the experts on the situation in Libya and we started to implement the plan and its objectives within a set of plans close and far-reaching. These plans were identified by 12 projects:

Mega Projects

Science & Technology

Rural areas projects

Financial Investments

Economy & Planning

local industries

Regional devolopments

Local Market

Local policies

Human development

Medicine & health


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We look to cooperate with organisations and governments that share our sustainable goals. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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The largest gathering of elite experts and specialists in all fields, our vision is to upgrade government institutions and supporting commercial projects.